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Kickboxing & Kumite
Improve Your Condition.
Increase Your Strength.
Enhance Your Form.
This Core Conditioning, Full body work out is for You!

At Tendo Ryu Martial Arts Kick Boxing, Conditioning, Self Defense and Fitness classes are high intensity and enjoyable.

All levels are welcome and encouraged to reach their potential.

Shonin new approach to fitness combines the best of Western strength and cardio workouts with Eastern martial arts techniques. Students are exhilarated by the fact that their fitness level increases along with their mental clarity.

Shonin Kick Boxing, Shonin Conditioning, Self Defense and Fitness sessions Improve Your:

and Awareness
Shonin Kick Boxing, Shonin Conditioning, Self Defense and Fitness classes focus on working all muscles groups through integrated movements. Sessions move through warm ups and stretching to cardio-focused exercises. Proper breathing techniques are incorporated into all of the movements.

Shonin Kick Boxing, Shonin Conditioning, Self Defense and Fitness sessions work your entire body. This is a challenging work out that will sharpen your senses and reflexes. You will see new strength, endurance, and flexibility as you move through your daily tasks, as well as in all sports and activities.

This work out allows you to relieve the stresses in your life, and achieve better relaxation.

You will improve your endurance.

Kick Boxing is defined as a martial art sport of attack and defense. Competitors wear boxing gloves, kick with their bare feet as in karate, and throw punches as in boxing. At Shonin Martial Arts Kick Boxing is not only taught for Fitness and Conditioning, but also for Self Defense. At Tendo Ryu Martial Arts our students are taught how to properly punch, block, kick, use heavy bags, and spar. All of the techniques taught at Tendo Ryu Martial Arts increase your reactions, responsiveness, receptiveness and mental acuity KI students gain confidence and feel empowered by learning proper kickboxing and self-defense techniques. Every class increases your abilities and knowledge.

In Tendo Ryu Martial Arts sessions you will improve your form, learn how to strike properly and aim correctly. Sparring drills and Martial Science Defensive and Offensive techniques teach you new ways of assessing and interpreting situations. This is a totally dynamic way of teaching your brain, perceptions, and muscles how to work together. Your cardio workout increases by the adrenaline used to react in the dynamic sparring drills and rounds.
You will become more skilled. You will master the fundamentals, so that all moves can be done accurately and safely. You will achieve muscle memory with immediate reaction time. You will learn strategies, and how to best master the challenges put before you. You will lose yourself in this intensive and incredibly good workout.
Our students constantly challenge themselves and reap the rewards. Knowing how to surmount obstacles and experience the exhilaration of seamlessly moving your body in a round.

Allow yourself to Realize your optimal health. You will Become stronger, leaner, more flexible. You will Increase your emotional, mental, and physical well-being by training at Tendo Ryu MARTIAL ARTS.

Tendo Ryu Martial Arts Kick Boxing, Conditioning, Self-Defense, Fitness For Teenagers
Improve your condition, coordination, and dexterity in all sports and activities. Tendo Ryu Martial Arts expert, devoted training will encourage you to surpass your goals and achieve. Shonin training enhances your both your abilities and your inner confidence. Tendo Ryu Martial Arts understands the persistent pressures and demands that burden you. Shonin will help you to stop procrastinating. You will have new speed, strength, momentum and vigor in your every day activities. Your potential is boundless. Shonin exhilarating training will give you new physical and mental stimuli. You will focus better and see clearer. You are continually encouraged and challenged. You will achieve your peak performance. You will be astounded at what you can achieve.

Appealing to both teens and their parents is that Shonin teaches you to not to fear being harassed, teased, handled, fought with, or attacked.

The best protection against bullying and teasing is confidence, and knowledge. It is normal to be apprehensive or, in fact, frightened when confronted with an aggressor. It is how you react to the aggressor that makes the difference. If you stand with confidence, strength, and at the ready to defend yourself, the majority of the time, the aggressor will withdraw. If the aggressor should continue with a physical confrontation, you will now have the skills to properly and effectively defend yourself. You will learn when and how to engage.

At Tendo Ryu Martial Arts sparring techniques and drills are taught with partners in preparation for free sparring rounds. This is not only to increase muscle memory, but to increase mental awareness, and receptiveness. Learning how to assess, react to, and properly attack your opponent is key in any confrontational situation. In addition, the quickness and alertness that these techniques bring to you, allow you to quickly interpret, and react better, to daily situations. These techniques help increase your focus.

It is normal to feel aggressive sometimes. Here, at Tendo Ryu Martial Arts, you will learn how to cope and control these types of feelings and impulses. You will learn how to properly channel anger and aggression. You will have a positive outlet for your impulses.

Be happy and feel good about yourself.
Tendo Ryu Martial Arts classes are both supportive and strong.
You will be encouraged and command the respect of your peers.
You will train with others who enjoy training and learning together.
You will realize what works for you and what benefits you.
Be confident and walk tall. Increase your focus, self image and confidence. Be in better condition, look good, and learn how to protect yourself.

Tendo Ryu Martial Arts Kick Boxing, Conditioning, Self-Defense, Fitness For Family
Tendo Ryu Martial Arts proudly to offers Family Classes. These classes provide a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to bond while achieving goals. In our busy lives it is difficult for families to find mutual endeavors. Shonin sessions give our students opportunities to increase their physical fitness, mental acuity, skills and knowledge while affording opportunities for connections and better understanding. You will train together. You watch each other learn how to compete.. You will appreciate the effort and dedication that is necessary for each of you to master the skills, drills, and techniques. You will have fun training together! Shonin Family sessions are challenging, and immensely valuable. Improve your condition, coordination, and dexterity in all activities. Tendo Ryu Martial Arts expert, devoted training will encourage you and your family to surpass your goals and achieve. Unwind, Get in Shape, Increase your Endurance, Reach your Objectives, Be Happy, Encourage each other, Learn how to protect yourselves, increase your abilities, and Have fun together! The Key to Unlocking Your Potential, The Key to Your Success: Tendo Ryu MARTIAL ARTS!