Shonin MPACT

M.P.A.C.T. (Memphis Police Aiki-jutsu Controlling Tactics)

Memphis Police Defensive tactics program for Law Enforcement Personnel

The Tendo Ryu martial arts Institute of Memphis offers Law Enforcement officers training in the use of non-aggressive controlling techniques developed from Jujitsu specifically for restraining and controlling difficult or violent persons. Students learn to combine their energies beneficially by responding to aggression without counter-attacking and without losing sight of the forces that incline people towards these destructive behaviors. The effective use of technique covers officers with or without backup personnel. Each technique is designed to effect maximum control over a suspect.

Based on Aiki-Jujitsu, which is the mother art of Japan. It is the defense system of choice taught to police and special force units. From Jujitsu, the arts of Judo and Aikido were also developed. Jujitsu incorporates hard techniques of hand, foot, knee and elbow strikes, and the softer techniques of Aikido using submission and controlling holds and throwing techniques when necessary.

A number of our current students are involved in law enforcement, in the areas of police, security, parole, and correction officers. Many have used the techniques successfully time and again to control serious offenders.

The Practitioner will quickly learn close quarters gun and knife control techniques not normally taught to law enforcement officers.

The advanced training programs and workshops offered are developed with the advice, assistance and support of federal, state, local, tribal and campus law enforcement agencies and experts. Training is continuously updated to ensure accuracy and relevance to today’s issues and is certified by each state’s Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) if/when certification is available.

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Officers Learn:

Defensive Tactics: MPACT (Memphis Police Aiki control tactics)

Whether you’re a law enforcement officer wanting to improve your edge or a martial artist wanting to expand your knowledge of street proven techniques, you will find Defensive Tactics: Modern Arrest and Control Techniques for Today’s Police Warrior is filled with invaluable information including:

• Joint manipulation that works
• Leverage control vs. pain control
• Hitting with the hands, feet, forearms and elbows
• Safely and quickly crossing the gap
• Blocking an assailant’s strikes
• Using vulnerable points to gain compliance
• Head disorientation
• Safe application of sleeper holds
• Controlling a suspect on the ground
• Arresting big guys
• Fighting concepts to take on patrol
• Weapon retention in close quarters and on the ground

Written by a and high-ranking martial artist who survived all that the mean streets threw at him while working with patrolman, gangunit enforcement and dignitary protection, Defensive Tactics goes beyond what is taught in the academy, officer’s in-service training, and what is allowed by the administration.

Why Soshi A. Bledsoe is uniquely qualified to teach you (MPACT)Shonin Aiki Defensive Tactics: Soshi has trained countless police , in-service officers, transit system authorities, security agents, hotel security personnel, mental health nurses, and criminal justice students. Soshi began his martial arts journey in 1978 and over the decades of continuous study has earned 3 black belts in three fighting arts: 6th-degree black belt Shonin Aiki-jutsu ,2nd-degree black belt Karate and Jonin degree black belt Kazama Ninpo. He borrows from these disciplines as well as other fighting arts to show you how to make your restraint, control and self-defense tactics more effective, more painful, safer for you and safer for the suspect.

Understanding the principals of risk management for officer safety
Identifying indications of hostility through body language
Identify professional benefits of active diffusion strategies
Learn methods of effective verbal de-escalation strategies
Understanding psycho-physiological changes during aggression
Learn to use cognitive limitations for active diffusion
Learn methods to re-direct the thought process through positive direction
Learn the importance of professional posturing
Identity different communications styles with appropriate response tactics
Learn methods of motivational interviewing skills
Learn methods of distraction to obtain tactical advantages
Learn communication and physical strategies to de-escalate situations
Learn how to avoid communications that may be negative
Learn how active strategies blend with a total law enforcement responses
Learn how communication skills and tactics reduce civil liability
Learn how communication skills and tactics will reduce civilian complaints

“This was the best training I have ever been to.”
“Great information, having the science background and explanation helped.”
“Showed the reality of what we do and the importance of what tools we need to use.”
“Master Soshi is on point and knows his material. The psychology material is amazing.”
“Excellent course, I look forward to using the material I learned.”
“Learned new tactics and strategies when dealing with people.”

Lewis M. O.C.U. —M.P.D